With the release of his new Netflix movie Bright, Will Smith finally joined the Instagram community on December 14th, and so far, people are wondering why he didn't jump on the platform sooner.

While the star doesn't have many posts on his nearly two-week-old page so far, his comedic genius still shines through. We've put together some of his best posts so far, and honestly it seems like things will only get better from here.

"12 twins a twerkin':"

It’s crazy out here in these Christmas streets

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"Ugly ass Christmas sweaters:"

Stuntin' with the Rubik's cube work:

You don’t know what you started @gauravkaps

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"Justin Timberlake, avoid that ..."

Can we take a minute and acknowledge how much his oldest son Trey sounds like him?!

A little Fresh Prince throwback:

Thanx @theellenshow!

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Showing his love to Jada in his own unique way:

Our 20th Anniversary is in 4 Days! That’s a Real Feet... :-)... Get it!

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We never know what Smith is going to post next, but what we do know is his goofy personality is exactly what we need on the TL these days. Truly a gem out in these Instagram streets.