Will Smith Is Living His Best Life At Cannes 2017

From “gettin’ jiggy with it” to self-deprecating jokes, Will Smith is living the good life at the Cannes Film Festival.

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| May 19 2017,

7:30 pm

Ever since Will Smith stepped into the opening credits of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he’s been the king of charisma. And though he’s not “little Willy from Philly” anymore, his energy ain’t stopping anytime soon!

Per Vulture, it’s the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival and Will Smith, a jury member, is taking it upon himself to celebrate in the best way! He kicked off the jury press conference by saying, “I will be playing the part of Will Smith today.”

Then, when photographers took too long to take pictures, he pretended to have security kick them out.

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And he’s clearly very happy to be there! “I grew up in West Philadelphia — yes, born and raised, yes, thank you. West Philadelphia is a long way from the Cannes Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival is the ultimate prestige in cinema. So I’m excited to be here, and, more than anything, learn,” he told reporters.

“When this level of artist comes together you actually never know what will happen and what will be created just in the conversations and the interactions. I’m actually here very selfishly.” He added that he loved his position as a jury member and would rather have those perks than the anxiety of having a film at the competition.

When a reporter asked one of the women on the panel if she would bring a feminist eye to her judging, Smith nodded, listening to her answer. And when she finished, he interjected, "I’m going to make sure I look at all the films with an African-American eye, so I’ve got it."

He also brought more color to the Cannes carpet when he literally encouraged folks to get “jiggy” with it. Yes, this happened.

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Of course, Twitter joined in on the "Will at Cannes party," too.

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Given the generally snobby reputation of the prestigious film festival, some folks weren’t having it, but sarcasm wins in the end!

Who says you can’t be goofy at Cannes?! Will Smith says you absolutely CAN; and you will deal.

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