A woman who claimed she was engaged to singer Omarion has learned it was all a lie.

In a recent episode of Dr. Phil, a guest named Simone appeared on the show after her friend, Rachel, wrote producers to help her learn the truth because she felt Simone was deceived. The R&B singer was placed in the middle of this story because the woman believed she met Omarion online in October 2020. As a result, she and the impersonator began messaging, eventually leading to a relationship that later turned into the lovebirds getting engaged in 2022.

Although Simone wanted to believe she was the former B2K member’s fiancee, she had some questions because they had never met. She said O’s manager said they couldn’t meet and she wouldn’t get her engagement ring until she paid $3,000.

Simone sent the alleged manager $300 to become an official fan club member but never received anything. In addition, according to Complex, Rachel shared Simone has sent about $4,500 during the last two years. Simone admitted she didn’t know if she was talking to the “Ice Box” artist.

“I talk to him every day,” Simone said. When Dr. Phil asked, “Does it sound like him?” Simone replied, “To me, I can’t really tell ’cause I only know his voice by vocals and him singing. I can’t really tell it’s him … his exact voice.”

To set the record straight, Dr. Phil brought Omarion’s real manager on the show to clarify to the hopeful guest that the person she was talking to was not him. In addition, the You Got Served actor sent a video to share an important message with Simone and people in general.

“I heard about today’s show, and I definitely want to share this important message with my fans and the viewers,” Omarion said. “It’s crazy how far these people will go to convince and manipulate my fans to think that they’re actually speaking with me. From sending fake driver’s licenses and passports, even FaceTiming them, claiming that there was a bad connection when they’ve never even seen me.”

He continued, “I’m so sorry, Simone, I haven’t been speaking with you online, and we are not in a relationship. You haven’t sent me any money. I want everyone to be aware that if someone is online claiming to be me and asking for money that you are not speaking with me. I would never do that.”

Hopefully, this story will help shed light on the dangers of being catfished.