WWE selected a Howard University student as part of its Next in Line program, which trains college athletes of all disciplines to become the next generation of wrestlers.

“I actually am not nervous at all,” Darci Khan told NBC Washington. “I feel like I would be a great wrestler. Because I feel like I have the dramatics. I have the skills.”

Khan is a senior track-and-field athlete at Howard University. She specializes in hurdles and broke three school records throughout her collegiate career at the HBCU.


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The athlete grew up doing gymnastics, cheerleading and her parents put her into track-and-field at a young age.

“My love for track came by force,” she added. “My mom forced me to run track when I was in high school, and I hated it. I hated every moment of it but I happened to be good at it. And I feel like everyone loves winning, so why wouldn’t you fall in love with it?”

The discipline will be a new venture as an athlete. She will have the opportunity to apply for a contract with WWE after the program.

“I want to see what it’s like and how my body will do with wrestling, because it’s a lot of slamming and flips and kicking, and I just want to see what that’s like on my body,” Khan said.


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She will be joining a group of 14 students as part of the program. Khan will be the only one hailing from an HBCU.

“My dream as a kid was always to go to HBCU,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to represent young Black women. I’ve always wanted to represent HBCUs.”

Apart from training, Khan is currently majoring in art at Howard University.