Yara Shahidi is a rare gem. Aside from her impeccable resume as a model, actress, and star of the ABC hit sitcom black-ish, she is also an activist, advocate, and intellectual who, at 17-years-old, radiates the kind of self-possession and comfortable-in-her-own-skin confidence that's typically developed over a lifetime. Last night, the soon to be Harvard freshman was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah where she discussed her new sitcom spin-off series, grown-ish and political activism in the age of Trump.

Shahidi, who will be eligible to vote for the first time in 2018, talked about her 18 by 18 initiative to encourage other young voters to hit the polls for midterm elections. "I think what's really exciting is that I will be able to vote during midterms and midterms determines how we redistrict," she told Noah. "Being able to vote while we figure out how we're redistricting means that in 2020 we're going to have a few things figured out."

She also riffed on the importance of political vigilance among youth in particular, at this moment in history and what she sees as the main barriers to engagement. "A lot of the issue that I personally see with how we educate this generation is as-it's as though we don't have to have a political opinion until its time to vote," she said. " So we inherit this system that we have no idea about and we have no clue how it properly functions and so we theoretically vote based on ideology with no back up for how we arrive at certain ideology and really no correlation with how our actions translate to policy change." Beyond simply diagnosing the issues, Shahidi is working to create a platform that easily informs and engages young voters in a way that allows them to really comprehend and take control of this political system.

Sis, broke it down.

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A true voice for her generation.

We see you Yara. Way to kick off 2018!

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