Upon releasing his eleventh studio album, CM10: Free Game, Yo Gotti pledged to change a rapper's life by blessing an independent artist who shared a freestyle to his new single, "Dolla fo' Dolla."

"I'mma upload this song, whoever put the hardest verse on it, I'mma put you on my album, CM10," Gotti said. "…If I fuck with you enough, might put you on the label."  

After receiving several submissions in his #DollafoDolla challenge, Gotti announced the winner and showed love to some of his other top picks, including Clark Atlanta University student and rap artist Miss Blaze. Gotti agreed to cover Blaze's tuition for the next semester. The tuition payment will likely begin in Fall 2022 due to spring semesters already in gear.

He expressed that he supports her chasing after her dreams and a degree. If Miss Blaze graduates from Clark Atlanta, she would be another artist following Megan Thee Stallion— who has both industry and academic success and recently graduated with a bachelor's degree. 

Miss Blaze shared she's ready to sign to Gotti's independent record label, Collective Music Group, whenever the offer arises.