Over the past few years, the internet has been tirelessly tinkering around with the idea of Space Jam 2. Not only was the original one of the most popular basketball movies ever made (opening at number one in the United States, grossing over $230 million worldwide and starring NBA superstar Michael Jordan), but it now maintains a rumor that a sequel of the film will feature the second most dominating player to wear the number 23, LeBron James.

While the bandwagon is adjusting to the recent news of James moving to the Los Angeles Lakers, many fans maintain the idea that the change of venue is not only a move to eliminate the Garden State Warriors from the finals, but also fits the possibility of James working closer with Hollywood. IMDb maintains the rumor that James, among several other NBA all-stars, will star with a full animated Looney Tunes cast for this long-awaited Space Jam 2 sequel.

It’s also worth noting that James’ SpringHill Entertainment movie production company is currently producing a remake of the early 1990s hit, House Party, a film that starred the rap duo, Kid 'n Play. There is also a well-known two-year running relationship with the Warner Bros. film division. The partnership was announced under the belief that they would produce a "fake" NBA draft movie with New Line Cinema. Then, there is the basketball movie, titled Hustle, announced early this year. The NBA All-Star champ also has a long list of TV show credits, which include, Warriors of Liberty City, Becoming, Survivor's Remorse and The Wall. He also has a number of voice-overs and the documentary, More Than A Game.

If I’m not wrong, there is a sizable amount of movie production activity by James that would make one believe the hype about his move to California, but we’re still going to need solid evidence of the questionable Space Jam 2 movie if we’re going to continue the speculation. It might be unhealthy to obsess over the idea, but I do believe there is a conversation going on, somewhere atop the 35th floor of a building, on how they can make this come to life — if the movie hasn’t already been given the green-light.