It all started with a relatable, yet resonating anecdote.

Daily Show alumna and writer Jessica Williams joined millions of women across the world Saturday when she appeared at the Women’s March to raise awareness for women’s rights and intersectionality. It was at the event in Seattle that Williams delivered what some are calling an emotional and timely sermon to the marchers. She recalled a moment in her upbringing when, during a parent-teacher conference, her mother was alerted of her daughter’s lack of assignment completion.

That story powered what many are calling one of the best speeches from last Saturday’s historic worldwide event.

“I am my ancestors’ dream,” Williams proudly proclaims, wearing the signature pink beanie that unified the masses at every march. Though she didn’t “expect” to go in as deep as she did during her time at the podium, her words seemed to shed some light on the struggle of the black woman who, oftentimes, has her narrative covered or disregarded within the feminist movement. Never one to mince words, Williams did the community quite a service. Her speech is a lesson that many know all too well, a lesson that continues to transcend generations.

It was every bit of magic as one would expect.

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Read the transcript of her speech here.