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You'll Never Believe What Donald Trump Told Reporter April Ryan


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Sigh ... yet another chaotic day under the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump held a press conference in Washington today to discuss the current state of affairs in the nation, focusing mostly on the Russia. American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan took Trump to task, asking the president about his "urban agenda." Seeing as though the president has expressed interesting views towards people of color, her question was completely valid. The president answered her question by informing Ryan of an impending executive order.

That's when the conversation took a strange turn.

When Ryan followed up her first question by asking if Trump had plans to include the Congressional Black Caucus in his executive order, Trump asked her if the body's members were "friends" of hers. "Do you want to set up the meeting?" he asked. 

Many were a bit taken aback by the president's defensive response to the reporter. He finished by saying that he would "love" to meet up with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Ironically enough, members of the black, Asian American, and Hispanic caucuses haven't heard much from the president. Despite multiple attempts by these minority caucuses to contact the new administration, each reports hearing nothing in response from the executive branch.

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