Fox News commentator Britt McHenry found herself in a social media dust-up with The Atlantic's Jemele Hill after criticizing two ESPN hosts on Instagram.

McHenry took to Instagram Live to complain about ESPN's High Noon, a show hosted by Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre, the New York Post reports. In her post, the Fox personality wrote, “Does anyone actually watch this show? Example of [former ESPN president John] Skipper filling demo’s [sic] over talent.” 

Jones and Torre are both minorities.

Jemele Hill took a screenshot of the post and reposted the image to Twitter, writing, “Be careful, your racism is showing.”

Hill once worked as ESPN, as did McHenry. Responding to one of her followers, Hill explained why she couldn't let her colleague's comment pass.

“Had she just said she didn’t like the show, I wouldn’t have said anything," Hill wrote. "But she immediately suggested that they were on TV because of [their] race. These guys are my friends, and she’s a moron for belittling them in that way.”

Torre also took a jab at McHenry, poking fun at her 2015 suspension from the network after she was caught on video mocking a tow company employee:

This isn't the first time McHenry has suggested race plays a factor in ESPN's personnel decisions. As Deadline reports, the commentator claimed on Twitter in 2017 the network fired her because she is "white" and because she "made too much." She later deleted these tweets.

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