As soon as Beyoncé officially announced the sequel to her tour with hubby JAY-Z, "On The Run II," Bey and Jay fans alike ran into formation. 

Now, the power couple is awarding U.K. do-gooders with free tickets to the show!

Bey and Jay will be teaming up with The Prince's Trust and Global Citizen to give away tickets to people chosen for "being kind, charitable and doing good for others." In addition, a charity auction has been launched for a chance to win VIP tickets. 

“The united efforts of BeyGOOD/DoGood, along with our amazing partners The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen, are calling upon you to lift your voices, lend your hands and share your creativity as active and positive forces for doing good,” Ivy McGregor, Director of Philanthropy (BeyGOOD) and Corporate Relations for Parkwood Entertainment, said in a statement to NME.

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Bey's been heavy into philanthropy lately; she recently pledged $100K to four HBCUs via her initiative's Homecoming Scholars Award Program.  

According to BBC, Bey had an existing relationship with The Prince's Trust, previously working with the charitable organization for her 2014 tour.  

"Beyonce understands the importance of giving young people who have faced setbacks in life the chance of a brighter future," said the The Prince's Trust chief executive, Nick Stace.

OTR II starts its European run on June 6, and will drop in the U.S. on June 25. 

To enter the contest, hit up For the American fans, cross your fingers for a similar opportunity once the couple runs back to the U.S. leg of the tour! 

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