Over the weekend, rapper Yung Baby Tate took centerstage at Atlanta’s AfroPunk Festival wearing a leopard print trench coat and a cut-out, two-piece catsuit. Tate slayed her set with confidence and followed up by posting photos and video clips of her performance online. Unfortunately, not everyone shared Tate’s excitement. Social media haters had way too much to say about the “I Am” rapper’s physical appearance once the content dropped on the performer’s Instagram page. The negative reactions were aimed at Tate’s midsection, which some felt was not flat enough.

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For two days, Yung Baby Tate clapped back at her body shamers, tweeting,” MY BODY is MY BODY to work on or NOT!”

Through songs like “I Am” and “Girls,” Yung Baby Tate has worked to create a space for young women to not only love themselves, but also embrace their curves freely. At just 25 years old, she’s using her platform to be a voice for people of all shapes and sizes.

Not all of the responses to Yung Baby Tate’s costume were negative, however. An appreciative Yung Baby Tate was met with love by many of her fans.

Have Brazilian butt lifts and the social media beauty standard veiled our eyes of what natural beauty is? Tate’s body, like many other Black women, has sparked a much-needed conversation around body positivity and acceptance.

As for anyone who takes issue with her body, the rapper says, “That’s what a natural body looks like. And if you don’t like it, close your eyes.”