Atlanta rapper Yung Joc was shamed by his passengers after they recognized him while driving for a ride-sharing app. Joc, born Jasiel Amon Tucker Robinson, was nominated for a Grammy in 2007 for his hit song, "It's Going Down" and has also been a cast member on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta since 2014.

In a brief video posted to social media, he is shown driving for Pull Up N Go, a Nevada based ride-sharing app that is said to rival Uber and Lyft. The riders begin streaming their ride and showing a driver with a peach hoodie covering the side of his face who soon revealed his identity.

"You sound like somebody I know," one rider says to which he asks, "Somebody you know like who?"

The second rider asks, "Are you Yung Joc?" to which Joc responds, "Y'all done already put that together." 

The passengers question why the popular star is driving for a ride-share company and asked if he "fell off" — insinuating that he must be broke or on hard times to take the job. Joc explains to them that it's easy money and he enjoys meeting new people downtown. As the video was viewed by more people, Twitter critics began chiming in on what it means for a rapper to do odd jobs.

Some, on the other hand, have taken a less assuming approach. 

Others noted the hustle can not and will not stop. 

In 2018, a similar type of job-shaming incident occurred with The Cosby Show''s Geoffrey Owens. The actor was recorded bagging groceries at a local store and, thus, reignited conversations around the respect that service workers deserve and the value of a day's hard work.

Joc streamed into TMZ live and responded to the backlash stating that he received more love than hate.

He talks about being a part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization and wanting to lead by example. 

"It was one of those things where you start challenging yourself to do something you ain't never did before, so it's kind of like a bucket list thing. For anybody who really wants to do this, I think it's a dope idea," he said while pulled over in the middle of a ride and sporting a "Pull Up" hat. 

He said that since the video went around, he's received a lot of affirming responses and says that's proved to him that people have been maturing.