Don’t really follow the news? Been away from your computer or phone or social media in general lately? Yesterday news lit up with numerous videos and posts and updates about an incident in McKinney, TX where a police officer assaulted a 15-year-old Black girl after responding to a call reporting a pool party. He then proceeded to pull his gun on several unarmed teenagers. Sound like a lot? See below for the 10 things you need to know about the incident, what it’s sparked, and other related news.

1. Here‘s all that we know for sure about the McKinney, TX incident so far.

2. Tweets from the host of the party debunk rumors and place the event, confirm guest passes were limited and suggest police officers were called BEFORE the party.

Watch below:

3. The accessibility of American swimming pools has long had a troubling racial history long before the McKinney, TX incident.

4. McKinney, TX Chief condemns actions of Eric Casebolt and places him on administrative leave.

5. Important questions yet to be answered:

6. One of the teens at the pool party spoke out to clear up what sparked the fight between her and the older white woman.

Watch below:

7. Several Black celebrities have taken to Twitter to publicly react to the events in McKinney, TX.

8. Even more specifically, several hip-hop artists have taken to various social media platforms to voice their own opinions on the proceedings.

An example, from Kevin Gates:

9. Another reminder that “American Justice” is selective:

10. Here’s who you can follow to stay updated:

Shaun King

Deray McKesson

11. (And a particularly heartwarming bonus) Young Adult authors respond to McKinney, TX.


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