Laprentis Doughty, an 11-year-old from Maryland, recently ran into a burning apartment building to rescue his 2-year-old baby sister, Loyalty.

Doughty told ABC News WMDT that he would “risk” his life to save her from their torching apartment on the 1300 block of Jersey Road in Salisbury, Maryland.

He expressed his undying devotion to Loyalty.

“I could have saved her, and I would risk my life for my sister,” he said.


The young boy escaped the burning Salisbury apartment as soon as he noticed the fire. Once he was out, he suddenly remembered his baby sister was still inside, and he dashed back inside to get her.

“I ran downstairs and they tried to pour water on the flames but it didn’t work,” Doughty said. “When I was at the last step, I realized I forgot my sister and I ran back upstairs to get her. I knew I had to save my sister because I heard her crying when I went downstairs. If I left my sister, I couldn’t live with myself leaving my sister in the house when I got out the house.”

According to a news release issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office on Nov. 22, the fire was started by a faulty electrical outlet in the apartment’s bedroom.

“If I didn’t save my sister, I would be mad at myself because I could have saved her easily,” the fearless 11-year-old boldly told 11 Alive, making a profound point.

Thankfully, his heroic actions only resulted in minor burns, which were confirmed by authorities but did not necessitate immediate medical attention.

The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes of arrival by more than 12 firefighters, according to the news release, NEWSONYX reports. The fire damaged the apartment complex’s structure for about $250 000 and its contents for another $40 000.

Doughty, Loyalty, and their mother, Keishauna Banks, are all physically fine despite the fact that two of its eight units are also uninhabitable as a result of the damage.

Doughty was acknowledged by Salisbury Mayor Jake Days, who took the time to praise him for his strength and courage.

“As a mayor, I’m always looking for citizens who are selfless, citizens who are willing to lead, and we’ve got one right here,” Days said about the young hero.

Keishauna has set up a donation page on GoFundMe to help out her family. She has managed to collect $13,875 toward her $25,000 target.