While some children are learning the latest TikTok dances or playing on their PlayStations, a young Shreveport, Louisiana, boy is using his platform to call attention to the gun violence in his community, KLFY reports.

Ray Da Yungin, whose real name is Rayvon Webber, created a song "Miss You" dedicated to his friend who died due to gun violence. The song has struck an emotional chord with listeners, as the young rapper poetically expresses the devastating effects of violence in his community.

"I ain’t see you at the bus stop, I already knew. Something wrong here, he don’t never miss school. But I ain’t really play it no mind, just saying. Know we got gym, I’ma link with you later," the 11-year-old raps

"Die-hard dreams of a football player. We kids, ain’t much that can mess my day up. Times like this when I really gotta pray up," he continues. 

One of his closest friends, Xavier Perry, 12, was shot and killed in November. Perry's stepfather allegedly shot the 12-year-old's mother and uncle along with Perry during what police described as a domestic occurrence.

Shreveport has reported more than 90 homicides in 2021.

"If people just put the guns down and stop all of this violence, people could do more with what they were already doing now and during the future. They're going to do way better and know what to do," Ray Da Yungin told KLFY.

Ray Da Yungin's father noticed his son was having a difficult time dealing with the death of his friend and encouraged him to put his feelings into his music.

"You know, it's so up close and personal. How do you deal with death? 'I was just with my friend yesterday. I just saw him at school yesterday. Now today, he's gone.' So it's kinda hard to wrap your mind around that," the 11-year-old's father, Marquis Jackson, said.

"We've received so many emails and DMs from family members of the victims telling us how the song has helped them. So to be able to make a difference with my son and we're making each other's dream come true, it's amazing," his father said.

Since losing his friend, the young rapper has learned a poignant lesson about life.

"You'll never know who is going to die in your life, and you never know who life is going to be taken away. Just live life to the fullest," he said.

Ray Da Yungin will continue to use his voice to speak about important issues in his community. His new album UnderRayted is scheduled to be released on Jan. 15.