ABC’s Black-ish will air an episode on Wednesday, February 24 titled “Hope,” which will focus on police brutality against a  black teen

Black-ish creator and executive producer, Kenya Barris told Variety the episode stems from his experiences with being a parent and determining how to have difficult discussions about real-life police brutality with his children. “We’re not ‘Law & Order’ — we’re not trying to rip things from the headlines,” Barris said. Bow and Dre talking to their kids about what they see on the news “is what this family would naturally be going through.”

Other shows have also tackled this serious topic with varying degrees of tactics and success. Here are 12 memorable episodes.

Photo: FOX

1. Scandal :“The Lawn Chair"

2. The Carmichael Show: ”Protest"

3. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: “American Tragedy"

4. South Park: ”Naughty Ninjas"

5. The Fresh Prince:  "Cased Up"

6. A Different World: ”Honeymoon in LA"

7. CSI Cyber: ”Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes"

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: ”Boyles Hunch"

9. Blue Bloods: ”Excessive Force"

10. The Fosters: ”Going South"

11. Empire: “Poor Yorik”

12. In the Heat of the Night: "Brotherly Love Part 2"

Do you think primetime accurately depicts the state of excessive force and the black community?

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