12 Shows that tackled police brutality on Prime time TV

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| February 10 2016,

04:52 am

ABC’s Black-ish will air an episode on Wednesday, February 24 titled “Hope,” which will focus on police brutality against a  black teen

Other shows have also tackled this serious topic with varying degrees of tactics and success. Here are 12 memorable episodes.

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1. Scandal :“The Lawn Chair"

2. The Carmichael Show: ”Protest"

3. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: “American Tragedy"

4. South Park: ”Naughty Ninjas"

5. The Fresh Prince:  "Cased Up"

6. A Different World: ”Honeymoon in LA"

7. CSI Cyber: ”Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes"

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: ”Boyles Hunch"

9. Blue Bloods: ”Excessive Force"

10. The Fosters: ”Going South"

11. Empire: “Poor Yorik”

12. In the Heat of the Night: "Brotherly Love Part 2"

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