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12-Year-Old Rapper Featured On 'Ellen' Arrested For Selling His CDs At Georgia Mall

"When God is blessing you, Tha Devil is always rite around tha corner to seek & destroy," wrote Corey J on Instagram.

Back in March 2017, 12-year-old rapper Corey Jackson, also known as Corey J or Lil C Note, celebrated his viral fame with an appearance on The Ellen Show.

Since that appearance, the young rapper has continued to grind, and his work has caught the attention of local law enforcement. 

According to NBC News, the middle schooler was visiting Georgia's Cumberland Mall with his family when a Cobb County police officer grabbed his arm and accused him of illegally selling CDs.

The officer, who the New York Post reports was off-duty at the time, proceeded to arrest the boy as his aunt protested.

Corey's aunt caught the exchange on video, and the young rapper later posted it on Instagram:

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It’s jusssss like this! When God is blessing you🙏🏾 Tha Devil🧛🏾‍♂️ is always rite around tha corner to seek & destroy. Tha fact that he snatched me & was trying to drag me around like I’m sum criminal that’s stealing, robbing or killing or sum is #Crazy. But tha worst part is he trying to charging me with a #felony putting my hands on a #PoliceOfficer he say I tried to brake his fingers, he say I cussed him & he say I pushed him! Where in this video do it show I did anything but tell him I know my rights & then when he proceeded to try and drag me my auntie stepped in & got in between us to get tha #Police off me, cause he was treating me like uh lil rag dog he can sling around.... All #Police is not bad, a lot are good friends of mines. But it’s some of you that do not deserve to be in a #PoliceUniform & this guy is clearly 1!!! Right is Right / Wrong is Wrong!! #CobbCounty #Police We must get to tha bottom of this... I’m just a kid out here standing for tha right & Motivating other kids in a positive way. Why try to destroy & bring me down!?!?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ A post shared by Corey J. AKA Lil C-Note (@coreyjakalilcnote) on

“They don’t know why he was targeted, he’s a very good kid,” family friend and recording studio manager Toya Brown said. “He doesn’t get into any trouble. He’s very well spoken and polite. Ask anyone who has met him, and they would tell you that.”

The Cobb County Police Department has defended the officer's actions. Spokeswoman Sarah O'Hara claims the aunt "got physical" with the officer as she taped the exchange.

Jackson's aunt maintains she only wanted to defuse the situation and make sure Lil C Note was aware of his rights. She has been charged with felony obstruction, giving a false ID, criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obstruction. 

“The officer — all he was doing was holding the young man by the arm,” said Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register, defending the officer's actions. “I believe from the preliminary investigation that the officer was in his legal rights to detain the juvenile.”

Corey has been charged with felony obstruction, misdemeanor obstruction and criminal trespassing. Although the officer threatened to put him in jail, he was eventually released into his father's custody. 

"We must get to tha [sic] bottom of this ... I’m just a kid out here standing for tha [sic] right & motivating other kids in a positive way. Why try to destroy & bring me down!?!?" Corey wrote on Instagram.

The rapper and his family have hired an attorney and hope to get all charges against Corey dropped. 

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