Ah, Valentine's Day. We meet again.

Unbeknownst to us, we're almost forced to choose a side on the Valentine's Day spectrum every year. For some, it's a no-brainer. The mood's already been predetermined, reservations have been made, the date night outfits are being shipped as we speak and the love is taking over the air supply.

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The others have their Postmates app opened and their favorite show queued up on Apple TV, libations and pajamas the only thing that'll be getting any physical touch that night.

Whether you're booed up or solo dolo, these romantic moments are sure to ignite a series of feels. We've featured some of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly situations we've seen some of our favorite black protagonists go through. Laughs, clutched pearls and an occasional tear are all more than welcome. 

1. When Dwayne proposed to Whitley … at her wedding


2. When Noah and Wade finally stopped playing games with each other and made it official

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3. When Uncle Phil let Aunt Viv know just how much of a black queen she truly was to him

4. When Issa came home to Lawrence’s Best Buy shirt

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5. Practically any moment between Cedric and LaVita

6. Martin and Gina's first argument


7. When Richonne finally became a thing


8. When Derwin gets caught cheating on Melanie with Drew Sidora


9. Toni and Todd’s eventful wedding


10. Rudy and Bud's heated gender role debates


11. The Dijonay/Sticky chronicles

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12. When Kyle swooned the panties off Maxine


13. When Moesha and Q called it quits on Prom Night

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14. Darla being a support system for Ralph Angel

What are some of your favorite romantic moments in black television? Share with us below!