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Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, but when you add being Black to the front of that, you may as well be, as my grandmother used to say, up Schitts creek without a paddle.

It isn't a secret that Black communities aren’t afforded the same resources and opportunities as many of our counterparts when it comes to learning the skills needed to run a business. This means that so many Black-owned businesses are starting from scratch with no guidance, business education or funding. The Founder and CEO of BCA Culture, Darbi, states, “Funding and access to capital for many business owners has been limited, due to the lack of information and knowledge available. Many new business owners do not realize that they can receive funding without relying on their personal credit history.”

Although bootstrapping is common amongst small businesses, it must be maneuvered strategically if the owner hopes to survive and bring in consistent income. With so many odds stacked against Black-owned businesses, many allies are wondering how they can go about supporting businesses in the Black community, and what that would even look like.

I decided to speak with Black entrepreneurs across various fields and discuss the ways that we can come together and provide effective support to Black-owned businesses. The following are a few of the responses that I received back from these self-made business professionals: