When I was 23 years old I read two books that changed my view of the world. One was The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo and the other was 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. The Alchemist sent me on a journey to find my personal legend and the latter gave me practical steps to the concept of “lifestyle design.” Basically, it’s strategically finessing finances to create your retirement now. The book featured case studies on his friends who had started businesses and followed their passion. I’ve met some amazing people designing their lives in brilliant ways and one of them is DJ Love G.

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In my head Gabrielle Lopez is the love child of a wild orgy between Prince, Erykah Badu, and New New from the universally loved, critically-acclaimed motion picture, ATL (starring Tip Harris and Lauren London who in my opinion gave an enigmatic performance that captivated the hearts and minds of millions. But I digress…)  When I first met this Grady Baby she had just started learning to DJ. This is a year after she launched a vintage clothing company, Modern Day Hippie, that landed on Nasty Gal and got her poppin', she wrote a blog post about how she manifested this situation on her website that everyone should check out. I remember how geeked she was but at the same time, there was this air of knowing that was etched in her smile. So I’ve secretly been doing a case study on her glow-up-tuation. (Shhh! Don’t tell nobody I put you on game.)

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First things first, on this investigative journey I had to survey the surroundings. If you walk into Gabby’s crib you’ll see a lot of writing (goals, schedules, reminders). Some are deadlines and others are reminders on how to live in your truth. It just so happens that her truth has more of a, “I’m ridin’ around and I’m gettin’ it” type of vibe. 

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On the wall hangs a big vision board adorned with images of her dreams, goals, and words of inspiration. Go to the bathroom you’ll find a note on the mirror reminding her to “keep her chakras lit!” and keep that light shining through all adversity. These morsels and reminders come to fruition in many ways and it’s a practice that I’ve started adopting into my routine. 

Key Takeaways: A quick lap around your sanctuary in the morning should inspire you to create. The Hansel and Gretel crumbs your former-self left behind will motivate your current-self and create a positive frequency for your magic to happen. Vision boards are major keys because you are placing visual clues to remind yourself where you are heading and what you are manifesting daily. Lastly, remember, deadlines turn your dreams into goals.

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Next thing I noted through kicking it was framing out thoughts and events. One of my favorite Gabby quotes is, “I’ve been meditating and focusing on my throat chakra and for some reason, people keep trying me! I think God is testing me y’all.” When people try me sometimes I get in my feels and just stay with the flow of that well-deserved anger. To be able to detach from the emotion and witness the situation as a test, is to beat that level of the game. Gabby is a big proponent of meditating and being able to see the signs that the universe has written in the events of a day. Through this daily practice she can be ready to fence off the energy vampires as they creep.

Key Takeaways: When everything is going ham around you and it feels like the world is coming at your head, you can meditate and mind your thoughts. See the bigger story of how it’s a challenge that is helping you develop on the way to your higher purpose. Mindfulness helps you peep game so that you can change the narrative and have agency in your personal legend.

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In LA there are functions to hit every night of the week. You might get hit up in a GroupMe to drop everything and see exclusive live performances by Quin in a secret location, or Nia Andrews on a rooftop in Venice on a Tuesday. Sometimes I have a hard time saying no because I want to support. But sometimes you need to invest in your dreams. Gabby is always enticed but she is not shy about sticking to her schedule. She works out early in the morning so getting right and getting tight is a constant. #RiseAndGrind!

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When she started taking DJ lessons she would spend nights getting right and weekends digging in crates, making mixes. *Queue Juice montage scene where Q makes a mixtape for the Queen Latifah competition.* I have so much respect for the process that when she texts back, “Can’t go, gotta work,” I understand it’s not personal and she’s putting in the work to manifest a new reality.

Key Takeaways: Focus on your grizzly. Draw a line in the sand of what you need to do to manifest your dreams. Communicate your intentions and stick to them. The energy you put in your craft will delight people more than those memories of when you got drunk and lost your phone. Your presence is a present, and you need to give it to yourself. Stay in the lab.We are all masterpieces and works in progress at the same time.

I enjoy taking notes from the journeys of the people around me so that I can add these ethos and skills to my canon. Writing down goals, staying mindful, and dedicating to the process have helped Gabby Lopez create a clothing line and become DJ LOVE G – performing at a PAC SUN event at Coachella this weekend. Take these keys to heart and be amazed to see how you access your powers.

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 You can find Gabby mixes on SoundCloud. Let’s be great. #EnlightenedSavages

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"All my homies are superheroes on a quest to unlock their powers." – Osahon Tongo

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