I assumed it lacked diversity. I envisioned it being ghetto. I didn't think it reflected the real world. But I graduated in May and I now believe it was the best, single most important decision of my life. Howard played a pivotal role in forming my identity, and I truly feel indebted to the institution.

Many black students and parents share similar concerns about the HBCU experience. Students are often told they're too smart for HBCUs and are steered away from them by their parents or school counselors. So, I want to debunk some of the myths about HBCUs and talk about the three most important things I got out of my four years at Howard that black students simply can't get at a predominately white institution (PWI). Hopefully, this post better equips students to make decisions about what school will be best for them.

These are the things that changed my mind about HBCUs: