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I have some things I want to say. 

Amidst the manic and mayhem that has plagued these United States, there has also been an air of discomfort over the personal lives of many people. What should we call it? An entanglement?

Now as hilarious as Jada made that word, it seems many of us came face-to-face with our pointless, aimless, non-purpose serving relationships. Be that with family members, old friends, FWB or bad habits — they had to go.

So, as America broke up with Trump (and Melania will probably follow), there’s a theme and we have to stick to it. This year has been a pinnacle for staring keenly and boldly into the face of toxicity, then removing it. This has been a year of new definitions from old cliches, making the words ring truer and truer. Don’t believe me? Try this on for size.