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During these unprecedented times, we have enough on our plates trying to figure out what happens after COVID-19. Worry surrounding bill payments, lack of resources and depleted savings is becoming surreal to more than just the Black and brown people who have lived through the struggle way before the pandemic began. With the unemployment rate soaring past 20%, America has over 4.4 million people who are jobless, and many have still yet to receive unemployment funds.

With money possibly low and financial resources being limited to few, it's hard to think about necessary paying bills, let alone those that are non-essential in most people's minds. However, credit is one of those essential things we should care about and use wisely to our advantage. The last thing a person wants to do during these unforeseen times is fall down the rabbit hole of bad financial responsibility and messing up their credit — especially if you have the ability to be proactive.

It's easier said than done when it comes to taking control of our finances, but putting forth the effort to stay on track begins with you.

Here are a four tips to help keep you credit score on point during the coronavirus pandemic: