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Cabin fever is a real thing. The sheer fact that we are asked to lock down in pretty much every part of the world now has us all looking at life through different lenses. Just a few weeks ago life was different, but the things that we once thought mattered are all looking pretty superficial now.

We all have to take a hard look at what's in front of us and decide whether or not those things are of any value in our life. From money, to food, to gas and romance, we are all being very particular on what we perceive is worth our time now.

When it comes to romance, there are quite a few good insights we can take out of this experience. Go back to when you were a teenager, remember how simple dating was and how it was truly about getting to know each other. It was chatting over the phone, simple dates and meetups, or just doing a simple activity to enjoy each other's time together. It was simply about enjoying the moment.

Now that the primary go-to options for a date are all cancelled, like concerts, fancy dining and bars, it's the perfect time to take it back to the basics and get to know someone the old fashioned way — without the pressures of the world forcing you to feel as though less isn't good enough.

Here are a few tips for you to stay on track to having a happy, healthy love life while going through changes caused by COVID-19.