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With so much chaos going on in the world, from the upcoming election, protests still ongoing and COVID-19 still here, people are longing for something positive to feed off of. This year has definitely been unlike anything we have seen before, but like the old saying goes, "Where there’s a will, there’s a way."

While surveys done by the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce show that nearly 65% of businesses that are reopen fear the effect a second wave of COVID-19 could have on their businesses, some people are making the most out of this season, not letting anything stop them along the way.

According to American Express, Black female entrepreneurs are said to be starting businesses at the fastest clip of any racial group. With minority women controlling nearly 44% of women-owned businesses in the United States compared to their white counterparts, it's still very disheartening to know most of these Black-owned businesses by women of color are still denied credit or have a hard time accessing it. The Federal Reserve showed that only 2% of venture capital goes toward female funding, and an even smaller portion of that percentage is given to Black female entrepreneurs.

There is still some good to look forward to when it comes to supporting Black-owned women led businesses. Due to the peak of the pandemic, which was followed by the transition into the BLM movement, it helped boost awareness for Black-owned businesses, owners and individuals who weren’t getting the spotlight that they deserve. With B.O.B’s getting all the shine currently, female entrepreneurs are taking this moment to change the game and make their mark in the respective industries

From media, television, production, law, transportation and public relations, there's not a lane unfilled with Black women in it making their mark. Below are some women who have inspired me during this season, while respectively in different industries they are holding it down for the culture and making it easier for other women to step up to the plate and follow their lead.

1. Akiya Mcknight - Visionarher Productions; Los Angeles, California

Akiya is a boss in her own right, she's Creative Executive Support to Tom Verica, Senior Creative at Shondaland Production Company/Netflix Studios. The CEO of Visionarher Productions formed the company due to the lack of accurate and diverse stories reflected in the media in regards to people of color. Their mission is to tell and produce quality stories through the eyes of every Black and brown person in the diaspora with an emphasis on women.

"We want to show people of color that their visions, dreams and experiences matter and have a place in cinema and television. We provide services such as film/tv/digital concept development, treatments, screenwriting, production consultation and field producing."

2. Cherisse Jamison - The Jamison Agency; Charlotte, North Carolina

Cherisse is an, an award-winning publicist, a former media personality, full-time entrepreneur and owner of The Jamison Agency. Most recently, she has launched Creatives Who Hustle, which is dedicated to uplift and share knowledge, expertise, provide tools, resources and experiences for those inspiring to enter into the entertainment business. Cherisse started The Jamison Agency over three years ago and has worked on high profile projects such as Boosie Juice Campaign, ‘A Small Problem’ movie production, All-Star 2019 Charlotte, North Carolina, Vibin With Jazzy B reality TV show, WE TV’S ‘Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta’ screening and Press Tour, Miami LIVexperience, FOX Network ‘Shots Fired’ and more.

3. Lori Bryant - Fine Point Signing; Raleigh, North Carolina

Lori is the founder of  Fine Point Signing, offering Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent services located in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Providing general notary work and notarizations for various types of real estate loan transactions. More than "just notary services", Fine Point Signing is a loan document specialist service. Committed to thoroughly guiding borrowers through complex loan documents with a "fine-tooth" comb to ensure a smooth and easy closing process.

4. Remi Jones - Remi TV; Cranston, Rhode Island

Remi TV is the only Black-owned television and talk show in Rhode Island. It airs on Local Access TV and is available in several cities. It is a show that provides a platform and a safe environment for people to share their work and their stories without fear of discrimination.

Remi Jones believes that positivity is essential, and she encourages that by conducting all positive interviews with her guests. She has interviewed celebrities such as the cast of ‘Family Matters’, Mya, Mobb Deep, Wyclef Jean, Slim of 112 and Brandon T. Jackson, to name a few. She also does interviews with local business owners, talent and local personalities.

5. Tere Tatiana - Labeled Blu Transportation; Atlanta, Georgia

Owner of not one but four businesses, Tere is the CEO of Labeled Blu Collections, Labeled Blu Realty, Labeled Blu Transportation and Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility. As a subsidiary to Labeled Blu Transportation, Label Blu Presents was created: The Introduction into the Trucking Industry Virtual Course. The course will cover how to start a business, the many trucking filings and requirements on the state and federal levels, and more.

"Over the years, I have received so many inquiries, from men and women, on how to start a trucking business, so I decided to create a trucking “Bible” to assist entry level entrepreneurs with breaking into the trucking business. In addition, creating a virtual course afforded me the opportunity to reach the masses and provided the flexibility that is essential to today’s world, especially during a pandemic."