Regardless of how long you’ve known a person, you will never truly know someone until you’ve lived with them. At this stage in your relationship, you find out all their dirty habits. Some may be manageable, while others may get on every single nerve God made. It’s hard to say if it matters how long you’ve been together, because moving in together takes things to another level. Are you prepared for that next big leap? Really think this over, because once y’all sign those leases, there's no going back.

Here are five warning signs that you’ve jumped the gun a little too soon.

1. Constant Arguing


Moving in should be a fun an exciting chapter in your life. It shouldn’t bring about more stress. If you’ve noticed you and your partner have been bickering more after the move in, that’s a red flag that you’ve jumped the gun a little soon. Don’t just argue just to argue. In some cases, the arguing is a simple fix. Communication is key in a relationship, but it is even more essential if you see that person everyday. Communicate your concerns openly to avoid the arguments. Be honest with one another too.

2. They're Not Covering Their Weight in Bills


This should’ve been discussed prior to moving in together. Are we splitting rent 50/50? Are we splitting utilities 50/50? Whose paying for groceries? If this was never communicated beforehand, then shame on you! If you’re finding yourself taking most of the financial burden, you may need to re-evaluate your living situation. In some cases, men like to claim to be the head of the household, but still don’t pay for majority of the bills. Some couples split the bills based on their salary, meaning who ever makes more pays the most on the rent and or utilities. If you’re constantly getting asked to pay a portion that wasn’t your responsibility to begin with, it’s time to speak up.

3. You've Turned Into Their Maid


Now if you didn’t know your partners cleaning habits before you moved in, you sure as hell will find them out a week within living together. If you’re constantly picking up after your partner, that’s a no-no. You shouldn’t be the maid in your relationship, so figure out a way to clean up together. Turn on some tunes, grab a glass a wine and clean while vibing out together. Cleaning doesn’t always have to be a choir. Try to make it fun with your boo!

4. Y'all Are More Like Roommates

If y’all are living together and find yourselves in separate rooms often through out the week, you may have just gotten a roommate. If you’ve moved in too soon, you’ll find yourself missing having your own place. This can turn into resenting your partner, so it’s best to live on your own for awhile before moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Another sign of you moving in with a roommate, is if you’re actually sleeping in separate rooms. It may be time to figure out if y’all need to get your own places again.

5. Inviting People Over Whenever


Having guest over without telling your partner is flat out rude. If you respect your significant other, at least give them a heads up. There’s nothing worse than having a shit day at work and walking into a living room full of people. Even a simple text could be the buffer between you getting cursed out or not. Think smart and think ahead.

Moving in with your significant other can either make or break a relationship. It’s best to establish some ground rules prior to even looking for a place together. Hopefully you’ve come to a point in your relationship where you can be open and honest with one another to see if moving in is the next best step. If you’re not quite there yet, that’s fine; don’t rush it. Take your time enjoying each other’s company from separate places. You’ll have all the time in the world to worry about moving in together later on down the road.