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Melanated women and men everywhere all want to "shine bright like a diamond,” in the most literal sense possible. But it's extremely hard to look our best and feel good about our skin when we have products that contain toxins, parabens and so much more. The statement “less is more” is definitely important when it comes to having healthy radiant skin.

We see bloggers, influencers and celebs promoting the things that worked to give them “the glow,” but let's keep in mind all things don’t gel the same results for every person. From dry to oily, to combination skin, when you're dealing with natural products the desire for blemish-free skin is literally within arms reach. You just have to know how to find them.

The search for the “right” products can be a struggle, especially if you’re buying from a department or drug store. Not only are you limited in selection, but limited in the quality of products offered to enhance melanated skin for both women and men. Instagram has made It easy for independent beauty brands to rise to success. It doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore when it comes to finding great products that work well on Black and brown skin.

These top skincare lines are changing the dynamic with a variety of different skin concerns they all separately cater to.

1. Ceylon (specifically for men)

Founder, Patrick Boateng II

Made for us. Ceylon is scientifically formulated for skin of color. Our products improve skin quality, keeping it healthy and nourished. No whitening, no bleaching.

Ceylon Tea, otherwise known as Black Tea, was one of the original ingredients in our first formulations, included for its antioxidant properties. We borrowed the name in reference and respect for this key ingredient and the critical role it plays in our ability to develop the best possible formulations for pigmented skin.

— from the Ceylon website

2. M. Roze Essentials

Founder, Morgan DeBaun, based in Los Angeles, California

M. Roze Essentials was designed for brown skin women who want a minimal but effective beauty routine.

“I created M. Roze Essentials so that every woman with brown skin can wake up and feel beauty in the skin their in. Shop our products to enhance your natural glow.”

— from the M. Roze Essentials website

3. Be Transcendent

New York Based

Uncomplicate your skincare routine. With our plant-based all natural skincare created to your specific skin-type, you can improve your skin’s radiance, revealing healthier glowing bare skin. Whether you have normal/dry, oily or combination as a skin-type, we’ve got you covered.

— from the Be Transcendent website

4. Pure Tropix

Founder, Dave Wongk, based in Atlanta

Pure Tropix is an all-natural skin care line that utilizes recipes and ingredients from the Caribbean. Pure Tropix uses natural extract, essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants to keep the skin healthy and youthful.

— from the Pure Tropix website

5. BreedLove Beauty Co.

Founder Kelli Palmer, Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

BreedLove Beauty Co. is an independent brand of 100% natural, luxurious products for your body and hair. 100% natural and organic ingredients, and a minimalistic approach to beauty, BreedLove Beauty Co. products are made for those who desire a minimal and holistic approach to natural beauty.

— from the BreedLove Beauty Co. website

6. HIMistry Naturals (specifically for men)

Founder Darnell Henderson, based in South Florida

The H.I.M. in HIMistry stands for “healthy image men.” Henderson and his team of experts meticulously created  products that solve men’s most common grooming issues. From shaving irritations to premature aging.

Skincare isn’t just for your girlfriend anymore. Athletes, businessmen and regular guys all over are learning how far a little extra grooming can go, and HIMistry Naturals is making it easier and more accessible than ever before. Our assortment of top shelf products can help you look healthier, stronger and more confident.

— from the HIMistry Naturals website

7. Buttah Skin

Founder Dorian Renaud, based in Texas

Our vision is to give melanin rich skin the attention it deserves. We don't want to just nurture your skin — we want you to discover the beauty that lies within.

Everyone needs a Iil' Buttah, baby!

— from the Buttah Skin website