7 Must-Have Apps To Make Your Travel Experiences Easier

Travel easier than your studies with these apps

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| June 21 2019,

12:23 am

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When modern and progressive students plan to go on vacation, they mainly rely on portable devices. Smartphones and tablets are not only a good source of entertainment and inspiration but also a tool for booking and logistics.

Nowadays, there are many inspiring applications, which are designed to help with vacation planning. Students can book tickets, hotels, and change their booking the last minute. Lightweight apps can easily replace guidebooks, dictionaries, and spare some place in your luggage. Now young people can find apps for whatever interest you.

If you are a student and go to a new travel destination, you want to explore new places, meet new people, and try new cuisines, but sometimes the study program is so tight. Managing your travels using the following apps will help you manage your time after hitting the books.


TripIt is an app designed to help users in organizing travel itineraries. You will have all the documents in one place. It is one of the best travel organizers. Send your trip reservations automatically to TripIt, and you will have a chance to view all confirmations, flight itineraries, ticket bookings, hotel reservations, Airbnb booking info, car reservations, and detailed driving directions in a single place. Triplt allows sharing your vacation plans with your friends or people who are going to meet you at the airport. The app is widely used by business people when they need to coordinate with clients or business partners.

Available for Android and iOS

Google Trips

Google Trips is an app which offers maps, customized tours, and guides. The app will help you find restaurants and attractions, which are located not far from your location. All your travel information will be gathered directly from your Gmail account. The travel itineraries will be stored offline, so you can check the time and address even when you do not have access to Wi-Fi. Use Google Trips if you like to travel light and save time. The app has destination-based features, which are the best alternatives to heavy guidebooks.

Available for Android and iOS


It is the perfect application you can use to organize an exciting road trip you have always dreamed about. The app will plan out driving routes, book hotels on the way, find interesting sights, help find the best restaurants, and will guide you back home with no stress.

Available for Android and iOS

Packing Pro

Use Packing Pro to organize your luggage with a checklist, which breaks down all items by category. You have to identify how many days your vacation is going to last, where you plan to go, and what weather conditions are expected to be. You can add many necessary features, for example, whether you will have access to a washing machine or if you plan to go swimming. Packing Pro will offer you a list of clothing, footwear, and other accessories. Packing Pro has not only packing lists, but it will remind you all important things to do before you travel, such as to renew your international passport, get some vaccines, and not to forget to purchase a first-aid kit.

Available for iOS


PackPoint is an excellent application for travelers. It just lets you relax entirely by telling you what you should pack. Recommendations are based on the number of days of your vacation, local weather conditions, and the type of activities you plan to do. It takes into consideration even laundry facilities and counts how many times you can wear your clothes. The only thing you must do is to download the PackPoint application on your device, write the country/city you’re heading to and you will receive packing instructions straight after.

Available for Android and iOS


It is difficult to find a traveler who does not know and use Airbnb, which is one of the best online marketplaces to search and rent out rooms, apartments, hotel rooms, campsites, or private spaces within homes. This app will give you a unique, local experience while traveling. Download the app, enter the destination of your trip, select check-in/out dates, mention how many people go with you, and see the search results. You will get a considerable number of suggestions. Not to get lost in all this, you should use the filter and choose the type of the home, pricing, etc. Booking is made directly through the app.

Available for Android and iOS


There are many apps to book tickets. One of the best and most reliable apps is Kayak. It allows you to book not only flights tickets, but also hotels, cars, and find useful information about the country you’re heading to. The app will compare prices on different travel sites to find you the best rates. Use filters to find what you need faster.

Available for iOS

The world is open to students. You should spend your college years not only in front of books. Travel, explore the world, meet new interesting people, learn new cultures and food. Such positive experiences will make you much more open-minded and simply a happy person.