You know how there are those television shows that you can watch over and over again and laugh just as hard each time as you did the first time you saw it? That is exactly how Martin is for me. No matter how many times I watch an episode, I find myself holding my gut and gasping for my next breath from laughing way too hard. To celebrate Martin and all of its hilariousness, below you will find a definitive ranking of the characters from the glorious television show. Which character is your favorite?


15. Stan Winters


14. Shawn McDermott 

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.45.04 PM

13. Dragonfly Jones

12. Hustle Man 

11. Bruh Man 

10. Roscoe 

9. Mama Payne 

8. Tommy 

7. Cole 

6. Pam

5. Gina 

4. Otis

3. Martin 

2. Jerome

1. Sheneneh Jenkins 

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