Remember the long, arduous process you had to go through to burn your favorite songs onto a blank CD?

Well, 17-year-old Alyssa Lucas doesn't because she's too young to remember those days. Curious about the practice, the Baltimore teen made a splash when she took to Twitter to ask just how someone would go about burning a CD.

And just like that, millennials of all stripes felt old AF. 

After registering for their AARP cards, some Twitter users tried to help the teen. One particular explanation was golden:

After learning the science behind the outdated technology, Lucas said she wasn't sure a simple question would turn into a generational war. 

"I was totally surprised by how much attention this had gotten, but I’m not mad at it. I honestly thought no one was really going to pay me any mind," Lucas told BuzzFeed News. 

Still, she isn't convinced. "I still prefer modern ways of saving music. It's much easier to just go on Spotify and save whatever I want."

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