So in case you havelt heard Oprah on her OWN series Oprah's Next Chapter this Sunday night on June 17th will interview for two hours the entire inbred Kardashian clan

And already media websites and pundits are saying that this is a "new low" for OWN and a major disappointment. One critic said that she was "sickened by the news" and that this was a bitter blow to her by "a woman whom I used to admire and in whose footsteps I once wanted to follow".

I mean really, is it all that serious? Perhaps this person doesn't understand, that all of us know of course, is that the whole game is about RATINGS!

If an interview with Bill Gates got the same kind of ratings that the K clan would then you better believe that Oprah would interview him as well too

It's no secret that the OWN is struggling for viewers. It's a mean, cruel world out there and you have to fight for every viewer you can get. And if the K clan can do, it why not? You don't have to watch it, you know.

And how many shows on Oprah's old talk show were nothing but rating stunts designed to get people to watch? More than half I would say and I never heard anyone complain about them.

And as for that person who wanted to follow in Oprah's footsteps, how about walking in your own shoes instead?