A St. Louis Cop Broke This Man's Jaw Over Loud Music And Allegedly Later Threatened To Do It Again

Someone needs to break him a piece of sense.

Photo Credit: Jermaine Wooten

| August 15 2018,

7:56 pm

A violent arrest conducted by St. Louis Officer Adam Feaman in response to a noise violation left 24-year-old Jamal White with a broken jaw. White was reportedly threatened with another broken jaw should he try to sue the officer.

However, Feaman's threats didn't stop a thing. White's lawyers have filed an excessive force lawsuit against Feaman in regards to the August 14, 2017 incident, the Riverfront Times reports.

The incident occurred when Officer Feaman tried to place White under arrest for allegedly disturbing the peace and not adhering to the city noise ordinance.

White stepped away from Feaman and first said, "I'm not under arrest," before asking the officer, "How am I under arrest?"

Feaman advanced on White and yelled, “Put your hands behind your back! You’re under arrest!”

White turned and ran.

Once Feaman caught up to him, White started to protest, “What? Get the f**k off me bro! How am I under ... ” and that's when Feaman lost it, hitting White with his flashlight and breaking his jaw. As White tumbled to the ground, Feaman hit him again, this time in the back of the head, with his flashlight.

A bystander caught the exchange on video.

The lawsuit, which was filed in April, notes St. Louis police rules stipulate flashlights “may not be used as impact weapons.” The suit also claims White ran into Feaman at a bar, and alleges the officer told White not to sue him or else he would “crack [his] jaw again.” 

White's legal team also said there are inconsistencies between what Feaman wrote happened in his report and what the bystander video shows. Feaman reported White was aggressive, “blading his body...in a fighting stance,” and that he believed “Jamal White was going to attack me ... I attempted to stop his oncoming assault.”

Feaman has had several complaints made about him by young black men in the past according to advocacy group Campaign Zero. The officer's superiors refused to comment on those complaints.

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