White people don't want black people in or near a swimming pool.

Indianapolis, Indiana, resident Shayne Holland was asked to leave the Riverside Crossing apartment complex pool by a white woman on Friday, July 6. 

The woman, who was later revealed to be an off-duty cop, did not believe Holland lived in the apartment complex. So, she asked for credentials although she had no right to do so.  

"She didn't introduce herself, she didn't say hello," Holland told RTV 6 The Indy Channel. "She says, 'Do you live here?' I'm like, 'Yes, I live here; I wouldn't be here if I didn't live here.'" 

Holland filmed the entire encounter as the woman harassed him. He showed the woman a key fob only given to residents proving he was meant to be there, but the woman pressed him further and even snatched the key.  

At that point, the complex's manager intervened. Holland was hopeful she would take his side because the two have seen one another. However, that was not the case. The manager took the officer's side and asked that he leave the pool area.  

"Honestly, I don't want to jump to racism. I don't want to say she just pointed me out because I'm the only black dude in the pool, but that was the case,” he said.

The Indianapolis Star reports the woman was working as a security guard at the pool, and Holland was asked to leave because he refused to answer questions regarding his residence. In the days following the incident, the property owners have placed the manager on leave and have launched an investigation.

Others were asked to leave because of past instances of non-residents at the pool. Twitter user @wildstylecapone claimed the manager only targeted black people and allowed white pool-goers to enjoy themselves. 

"If you need to have somebody make sure that it's safe and make sure that there are not too many people that don't live at the pool, I don't mind that. Just let me know that. I don't think that they did that, and I think that could have solved it," Holland said. 

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