Students at a North Carolina university are feeling uneasy following a law student's racist and inflammatory Facebook comments. 

According to WRAL, law students at North Carolina Central University, which is an HBCU, are calling for the expulsion of peer Morgan Kendall. 

In the post, Kendall said she wished she could take credit for the bomb package threats sent to the Obamas and Clintons and used the word "n****r." 

The students met with the university's law school dean, Elaine O'Neal, and campus police Chief Fred Hammett last Thursday. According to students who attended the meeting, O'Neal said Kendall would be prohibited from attending classes that week but was allowed to return to campus on Monday.

"I think she should be kicked out of law school," said one student, Jazemine McSween. "I just don't think it's fair that someone with those sentiments to receive a degree from this school that was founded by the very people that she has disrespected multiple times."

The students who requested Kendall to be expelled say they fear for their safety. 

An NCCU spokesperson confirmed with CBS 17 that Kendall didn't violate any student code of conduct policy, per officials. Since O'Neal's decision wasn't satisfactory, the students said they plan to protest.

An online petition has been created calling for Kendall's "immediate dismissal." 

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