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Everyone is going nuts over German singer, Ace Tee. The music video for her song, "Bist Du Down" is getting loads of plays. The song title which translates to, " Are You Down" takes the meaning throwback to another level. Ace Tee gives us life with her 90's R&B girl group fashion and dope vocals. The video makes us remember the good old days when music videos actually mattered. Social media is comparing her to TLC, but she also shows signs of Xscape and influences from other popular groups from that era. 

So what's she saying? Here's a translation of the first verse:

Ey baby, tell me you're down [?]? Just you and me Fuck up [?] 

With shit money (Yes, yes) Let's go for a walk ' 

Only Communicate WhatsApp Give me your hand and I'll show you my world 

Baby, I know very well that you like it I'll show you my weird face right from the start 

I see you've got a separation behind you, that's okay-ay 

I'll catch you and give you a cup of positive vibes and no more headaches 

Bae, tell me, are you really down for honesty in togetherness? 

That's the only thing you decide Do you really want to be free Be pure without hinds?

Ohhhhh. Makes sense now.

Digging Ace Tee's vibes? Check out her collection on SoundCloud.

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