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Activist Bassem Masri Is The Fourth Ferguson Protester Who's Died

In August, he announced his plan to run for the Missouri House of Representatives in 2020.

Another Ferguson activist, Palestinian American Bassem Masri, has passed away. The St. Louis resident was known for documenting the Ferguson protests surrounding the Mike Brown case via livestream along with other significant demonstrations. His death was announced yesterday via Facebook by Masri's cousin Faizan Syed. He described him as a "fierce" man who fought for Black and Palestinian liberation.

Masri's Facebook page reveals he was a life insurance broker who attended Hazelwood Central High School. In August, he shared that he planned to run for the Missouri House of Representatives in 2020.

Journalist David Carson of the St.Louis Post expressed his condolences on Twitter. Carson explained that Masri fought for what he believed in and revealed the realities of life during Ferguson's unrest. 

Masri is one of three other Ferguson activists who has died in recent years. Last May, Edward Crawford was found dead as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In 2014, DeAndre Joshua also died from a gunshot wound to his head in a death that was ruled a suicide. Just one year prior, Darren Seals was found dead in a burning car with six gunshots to his body. 

In October, Danye Jones, son of protester Melissa McKinnies was discovered hanging from a tree in a reported suicide. 

Supporters took to Twitter to express their thoughts about Masri's death: 

The cause of Masri's passing is currently unknown.

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