A group of self-proclaimed "nasty women" challenged Donald Trump in an interesting way; through art. If you recall the third and final presidential debate, President-elect Trump referred to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as a "nasty woman." His name-calling prompted other women to stand up as "nasty women" in various ways. 

Roxanne Jackson and Jessamyn Fiore are the brains behind "Nasty Women Art Exhibition" described as "solidarity among artist who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women's rights, individual rights, and abortion rights."

The duo put out a call to artists on Facebook to originate this group showcase. The response was remarkable. Almost 700 women answered the call and will have their work displayed. The Nasty Women NYC Art Exhibition runs January 12-15 at the Knockdown Center.

The first of its kind exhibit will be a must-see considering the art will be displayed on ten 3D letters constructed to spell out the words "Nasty Women". Those letters will serve as the walls for the artwork with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

There's one thing potentially missing from the exhibit and that's every black creative who identifies as a nasty woman.

There are countless black creatives with magnificent talent. This is an opportunity to lend their artistic genius by submitting art or by planning a Nasty Women exhibit in their respective city.That's right, you can still submit your artwork or host your own by simply visiting the site to find an exhibit in a city near you. If you don't see one, now is the time to sign up to host one. 

The greatest part about hosting one is that you can choose to donate the proceeds to an organization, national or local, of your choice that supports women's rights. This creates an opportunity to show support financial support and create more awareness about organizations that specifically cater to the rights of black women. Having an opportunity to highlight our needs, in particular, is a great opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Be sure to check out the Nasty Women Exhibition next week in NYC or when it comes to a city near you!

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