Some things you should just keep to yourself. Well, thats what Sage Steele should've done. Or maybe it's good she revealed her true feelings. Regardless, she was out of order and has officially been voted off the island.

After judging Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans for sitting down during the National Anthem, she took to Twitter to share her judgement. Football player Brent Grimes' wife, the outspoken, controversial Miko Grimes, anointed herself to clap back at Steele. Had I been the target of Miko's read, I, too, would've felt some type of way. I, too, would've felt the need to defend myself. But, I would've come for her and not for every black person in America. 

Sage, girl, you went too far. You used Facebook as a personal diary because of a recent personal interaction, that resulted from you judging a black man for taking a stand. For some reason, you used your platform to yell to White America that we have issues and are once again who they thought we were, uncivil. Ask Philando Castile what civil is. Ask Sandra Bland what civil is. Ask Freddie Gray what civil is. Ask Deborah Danner what civil is. 

You are the epitome of "black on black crime is the problem." You are the walking poster child for "All Lives Matter." You would be the token person they book on CNN to tell black people we need to fix us before we try fixing the police departments who use black people for target practice. 

Being black in America means having to work twice as hard for the same results. You should know what its like to have to fight to even stand in the hall. Out of all the employees listed on ESPN's media page, there aren't nearly as many black women as there should be. Sage, congrats on being one of them. 

One of them. Depending on who is saying that sentence, it could have a completely different meaning. When white people use it, it's to clump together all the black people and label us as the "them." No matter how uncomfortable or mad you are at the people who are in that clump with you, we are still in it with you. As much as you would like for us to focus on fixing our internal issues, theres a much bigger battle to fight. If a man without government experience can become President of the United States, anything is possible. 

I pray that your feelings of courage that you feel about your mother and husband transfer to those of us who are black too. May we be courageous to drive while being black. May we be courageous enough to continue to tell the world that we matter. May we be courageous enough to stand with you as white America sees another black person on television, but we see #BlackGirlMagic. I hope you get it together. But if you can't, give me your Facebook password so I can revoke your privileges until you do.

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