The Florida midterms took a surprising twist when several recounts were announced. One of the races getting another look is the governor's race, where a machine recount will determine the winner of the Andrew Gillum/Ron DeSantis race. The recount is expected to conclude on November 18.

Although Gillum conceded the race on election night, after rumblings of the recount surfaced, he reversed his position and began advocating to make sure every single vote was counted. 

President Donald Trump wasn't happy about this. 

"This is an embarrassment to our Country and to Democracy!" the president tweeted on Friday.

Trump has a history of antagonizing the Florida gubernatorial candidate, and well, he's got the right one. 

Gillum turned Trump's tweet on its head, and responded, "What's embarrassing to democracy is not counting every vote — and you, of course."

Mic dropped.

Back in October, about a week before Election Day, Trump called Gillum a "thief" and contrasted him with "Harvard/Yale educated man" Ron DeSantis in clearly racist language. 

Gillum wasn't here for it then either, even calling out Trump for being passive-aggressive and not including his Twitter name in the tweet:

It wasn't the first time Gillum used the line on Trump. When the president called him out in August, Gillum responded with a similar tweet:

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