Anthony Anderson's son is expected to graduate from Howard University in 2022, but he may not be the only Anderson walking across that stage. 

According to HBCU Buzz, Anderson recounted his journey to dropping out of the HBCU on a recent episode of The Tonight Show.

The actor told Jimmy Fallon he was paying for college himself and didn't have enough funds to continue after his junior year. After dropping his son off at the school, the Black-ish star was inspired to complete his education.

“I’ve been speaking with the university and Dr. Frederick, who’s the president of the university, about creating a curriculum that I can take online and at home and do some practical classes on campus so I can walk with my son in 2022,” Anthony explained. “So I have four years to finish one year of college.”

Anderson also talked about a noteworthy moment that came after he dropped off Nathan on Howard's campus. 

“I dropped him off one weekend,” the actor recalled. “I left on a Sunday. He called me on Tuesday and was like, ‘Dad!’ And I said, ‘What’s up, son?’ He was like, ‘I found my wife.’ I was like, ‘Son! It’s only been two days. School hasn’t even started yet. You’ve got another week before classes start.’ I said, ‘Son, you’ve got to walk down the hill.’ I was like, ‘Son, you may miss out on finding your wife because you think you already found your wife.’”

Anderson also noted he found his wife, Alvina Stewart, at Howard University. 

Check out the full interview below. 

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