If you have been watching any TV recently, you are probably taking time to catch the new hit TV show Abbott Elementary, created by the amazing Quinta Brunson. Her show is not only funny but places the importance and power of Black teachers in the spotlight at a crucial time in the history of our nation’s schools. 

As funny and enjoyable as Abbott Elementary is, what makes the show even more powerful is that during a time when our schools are under a direct attack by white supremacists opposing any forms of educational equity, we have this show demonstrating the passion and impact that Black teachers have in the classroom. On one hand, we have this vision of empowerment and on the other, we see the lengths that many are going to take to make sure that it never happens.

We had to know that the attacks on books and curriculum was just the starting point. It was never truly about the 1619 Project or critical race theory. It was always about power. Power is important because whoever controls the mechanism of power controls the truth. Our local school districts and their board of education are just the latest example of this fight to keep power and control what the truth is and will be.

First, they showed us how far they are willing to go by openly attacking any school leader, like Colleyville High School Principal James Whitfield, and making sure they were removed from their position. Then they showed more of their attack on the truth when we saw a leaked recording from Southlake Texas Carroll Independent School District teacher training where teachers were informed to teach both sides of the Holocaust. Then we saw Indiana Republican State Senator Scott Baldwin say in a recent state senate committee hearing that teachers' classroom lessons about fascism and Nazism should be impartial.

As sickening as these attacks and those on books in classrooms and libraries have been, we all knew that these attacks would eventually lead to the next phase of attacking Black Americans directly. It was only a matter of time until these efforts to attack truth in our schools would evolve into an attack on the very group of Americans whose history these white supremacists are attempting to hide from our nation.