Asian Doll is taking aim at everyone who’s recently gotten a Nicki Minaj feature and continues to manifest one of her own.

Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray, who dropped a track called “Blick Blick!” last week, as Blavity previously reported, were recently on an Instagram Live together, and a variety of snippets from their conversation soon began circulating online. One such clip involved Nicki Minaj previewing an unreleased song.

Asian Doll, aka Asian Da Brat, quote tweeted this video and added a message for the people who secured a feature.

“*Me watching all these b****es skip me in line* it’s cool tho, cause when it’s my turn you lil b****es gone pay for skipping me IMA EAT Y’ALL ALIVE ON MY VERSE,” she tweeted.

This notably isn’t the first time Asian Doll has spoken on the subject of a Nicki Minaj feature. The 25-year-old rapper has fangirled over Nicki Minaj on Twitter for several years, even writing “she likes me in REAL LIFE collab or not” back in 2020. Additionally, days before “Blick Blick!” was announced, Asian Doll told other rappers to “get in line” for a collab.

It’s also worth noting that Asian Doll has paid homage to Nicki Minaj in a few songs, such as “Doll Szn Intro.” Despite her wishes, Nicki Minaj has been pretty active in collaborating with other artists.