While most 9-year-olds are outside playing with friends, Halle Amor Moore is writing and publishing her book

Halle published her first book of poetry and other writings on topics with which children her age are not ordinarily occupied. During a recent interview with Fox 5 D.C., the young author discussed her passion for writing and taking on topics such as feminism, politics and even spirituality.   

Born January 12, 2010, the Gaithersburg, Maryland, resident has lived in various places such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Hawaii. Visiting other countries has given the author an experience others would love to have.

"The reason for her travels to Costa Rica and Guatemala was because I world schooled my children," Halle's mother Vanessa Drake told Blavity.

The Pages of Life took about a year to conceive. Being a poet is just one of her many dreams. According to her site, Halle hopes to go to law school and help shape public policy. She is an activist, a speaker and high achiever.

This past Friday, Halle hosted her first book signing at her school, Field Roads Elementary. 

Ultimately, she wants to inspire others to make their dreams come true. "Unlock the great power within you and not only will your heart be set free," she believes, "but your mind will too."

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