At The Well: An exciting program for black girl leadership and healing

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| September 30 2016,

09:30 am

Black women and girls sometimes live, work and grow up in areas that welcome neither our blackness nor our womanhood. But At The Well creates an environment for current 10th and 11th grade black girls to find themselves, each other, and a healing space to discuss their collective experiences


Blavity spoke with founder Rev. Jacqueline Glass and intern Melissa Lyken from At the Well to learn more.
Rev. Jacqueline Glass, Founder of At The Well
Photo: Rev. Jacqueline Glass, Founder of At The Well
Blavity: How did this program come about?

Jacqueline Glass:

B: Where are the girls coming from?


B: Your focus is to also bring together girls who may be the only, or one of very few, black girls in their school to talk about what it’s like to be in that environment and help build some sense of community there. What do the girls share about microagressions in their schools and how do you help them address it?


B: Melissa – you lead some of the heart-to-heart discussions for the girls. Tell me more about what the girls experience in their schools.
Melissa Lyken, Intern at At The Well
Photo: Melissa Lyken, Intern at At The Well
Melissa Lyken:

B: What do you hope the legacy of this program will be for young girls?


I also had a chance to talk with Braxton, a high school student in Georgia and a former participant in the At The Well program.

B: What do you love most about school?


B: What made you apply for this program even though you do attend a mostly black high school?


B: What was your favorite aspect of this program?


B: How was the work different than what you experience at school?

LemonadeWe didn’t mind that we had to read 20 articles that night because it related to us

B: How did this program inspire you?


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