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A. Denefield Jones A. Denefield Jones


Writer, educator, and author of upcoming 90s tale, "Hot Like Fire." Find me at adenefieldjones.com

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What Russell Westbrook's MVP Award Can Teach Us About Being Valuable

It was no surprise. After scoring a  record-breaking 42 triple doubles, Russell Westbrook claimed the top spot as the best player in the NBA of the regular season.Upon accepting his award, Westbrook presented a tear-jerking speech, thanking everyone from the staff and fans of Oklahoma City to his immediate family and wife. During his sincere display of gratitude, Westbrook...

How Angie Thomas’s 'The Hate U Give' Embodies the Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance

At the turn of the twentieth century, a new movement was on the horizon. The Harlem Renaissance — known during that time as the “New Negro Movement” -- was a reflection of the changing times. It was a period of unapologetic, artistic expression and birthed literary, political, intellectual, and creative icons.Nearly 100 years later, a new generation ushers in the next...

How an Erykah Badu-led Soul Train Awards Inspired Me Creatively

The 90s-themed 2016 Soul Train Awards, hosted by the talented Erykah Badu, brought me back to the days as a kid, sitting around watching Moesha, singing along to Aaliyah on the radio, and staring at Tupac's pictures in Word Up! Magazine. It also brought me back to the time as a young creative, making up stories about folks in my Texas neighborhood and daydreaming about writing a...