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I Didn't Want A Ring On It In My 20s. Here's Why That's Still None Of Your Business

It seems to be the thing to do these days to judge men and women on their marital status. I believe many view marriage as an accomplishment which really is not the right thing to do. Marriage is a beautiful thing when done right, but marriage is not indicative of someone's worth as a human being. When we use marriage to determine someone's success or status in life not only do...

Willie Taggart And The Exhibition Lynching Of Black Head Coaches

There seems to be a growing trend in the world of sports in relation to racism and outright dehumanization. I will refer to it as exhibition lynching. Among fans and season ticket holders particularly in the world of professional and collegiate football, live people who believe it is their right to invoke any type of gripe they so choose when their particular team, player or coach...

Andrew Gillum Is More Than A Florida Candidate, He Is What Black America Needs

Up until a few months ago, many people in America, who aren't Florida citizens, may not have had a clue who Andrew Gillum is. But make no mistake about it, you will soon find out. On October 21, Gillum dismantled his opponent, Republican nominee Ron DeSantis, in the Florida Governor Debate, which aired on CNN.The 39-year-old Miami native and Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida...