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Why I Believe T.I.’s Floyd Mayweather Diss Track Tells An Obvious Truth

As I sit here with my earbuds plugged in listening to T.I's new Floyd Mayweather diss track, "F**k N***a," I think about what the rapper is saying about the boxer: People are struggling. Who did you help?Rather than wasting my time on an individual who would rather spend a few racks in the Gucci store and go on record to throw it in the faces of those taking a greater...

Before You Make Light Of Public Assistance, Remind Yourself That Finance Shaming Helps No-one

It seems to be common these days on social media and in everyday life for people to shame each other. I am not sure if some people feel that this is productive or that they get some sort of twisted kick out of making those with less feel worse about themselves. It's even worse when Black people do it to each other.You will usually see some of these same people preach a message of...

Why I Question The Agenda Of Many White Liberals After The Release Of 'Surviving R. Kelly'

We all have been on an extended mind f**k after the Surviving R. Kelly special. I certainly was among the women who tuned in to the docu-series on Lifetime which highlighted the numerous sexual allegations toward him from women of color and underage girls.I have been in my own head about the situation while experiencing numerous emotions. I indeed am a woman of color who believes R....