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Why Your Welfare Shaming Of Others Is Lame And Counterproductive

I give a holla to my sisters on welfareTupac cares if don't nobody else care— 2Pac, "Keep Ya Head Up"In America, there is this idea that those on welfare are government moochers incapable of lifting themselves up by their own boot straps. But the real problem is that within the black community, many have no boot straps. There is a constant bevy of people who publicly...

Put That Phone Down So I Know It’s Real: Why I Believe Social Media Is Ruining Love

Some might call me an “old millennial.” I grew up in that early '80s and '90s era and witnessed a whole host of things birthed in my lifetime. This includes the creation of computers, cell phones and the internet. However, during my adolescent years, none of that existed. We would've never even dreamed of half the outlets we have today.Which brings me to the...

Colorism: Raising A Dark Skinned Daughter As A Light Skinned Woman In America

As a mother at times it is hard enough to get through the everyday struggles of parenting, and as a black single mother there comes a whole host of other obstacles we are challenged with. In society we often discuss black parenting in regards to race, but rarely do we talk about parenting in regards to colorism. Colorism is an issue that has been present within the black community for...