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Jessica St. Louis’ Story Shows Us Why Fighting Against Inhumane Treatment Of Incarcerated People Is Important

Can you imagine being forced to walk two miles to a closed train station in the middle of the night? Would you want to wait for hours at the station once you arrived? Can you imagine doing this alone? Can you imagine having to do this as a young black woman? What if all you were given was a train ticket and nothing more? Would you recommend anyone take on this daunting task?I hope your...

How The 'Scandal'/'HTGAWM' Crossover Offered An Hour Full Of Black Feminist Teachings

Recently, I finally got around to watching the highly anticipated crossover episode between Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. While I absolutely love all of Shonda Rhimes’ work, I've found myself slowly losing interest in the plots of both shows. However, this one episode has returned my interest in full force and invoked in me, once again, a sea of emotions which...