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Bonitafrobum Arielle Gray


Arielle Gray is a freelance writer, poet and graphic artist. You can catch her stalking live music shows and eating exorbitant amounts of Ethiopian food.

Bonitafrobum's posts

Forget Being Productive- 6 Things I learned About Productivity

The Full Moon in Capricorn had me seriously fucked up this past week. I was achy, tired and wholly unmotivated (which is how I’ve been feeling a lot lately) and feeling those things brought back a very specific memory of me sitting in the car with my grandmother, listening to Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” play on the car radio. She was giving me advice as I...

How Self-Examination And Self-Awareness Can Change Your Year

Last year asked a lot of questions.The beginning of 2016 had me entrapped in a maelstrom of depression, identity crises & loneliness. I was almost 25 years old with absolutely no clue what I was doing with my life nor did I have any idea of what I wanted to do with it. Fresh out of a breakup, I was trying to form this newborn identity without the presence of my ex while...

Glow Up? Losing Weight Didn't Make Me Happy

                                      (Before the weight loss on the right, after on the left)Up until about 4 years ago, I was clinically obese. Diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance at the onset puberty, I had a double dosed cocktail of hormonal imbalances that caused rapid weight...