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And When He Gets On He’ll Leave Your Ass For A White Girl, Trump and Calabassas: A Letter To The Artist I No Longer Know

Today is yet another hard day to be a Kanye West fan. When College Dropout released in 2004, I was the ripe age of 13. Being black in a predominately white space, College Dropout had a profound effect on my preteen self.  In a place where I felt like I was forced to conform to some type of black stereotype, Kanye and his freshman album gave me the confidence to be myself....

How Dear White People Tackles The N-Word And Borrowed Blackness

“Why do you make everything about race?” - A question myself and any other black person who decides to speak their mind is often faced with.  A question that usually follows right after I correct any white or non-black person of color’s ignorant comments or actions.Growing up in a predominantly white town and attending a PWI for college, Netflix’s Dear White...

Why 'Get Out' Has Caused So Many White Tears

My first thought when I saw the get out trailer a few months ago was that white people were going to lose their minds over this. Turns out I was right.  Jordan Peele’s film, Get Out has everyone talking and a lot of white people are upset.  I went with my sister and niece to our local AMC theaters and viewed the movie with a pretty mixed audience. While there...